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The Truth About Everything Zine

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Inspired by David Greenberger's legendary Duplex Planet zines in the states, poet and writer Jonny Fluffypunk and new wave guitarist John Rose collaborated on this project: just talking with residents of the Forbury care home in Leominster, but talking to them as human beings, not as 'old people', mere repositories of memory. The result? A series of zines jam-packed with conversations full of off-kilter wisdom; reflections from the final years of lives lived and answers to the big questions: Can you cheat your own fate? How do you fix a broken heart? How do you know what a cow is thinking? Do you fear jazz? How do you fight an angry dog? How much stuff that you've learned in life have you never needed?

16 pages in each issue (inc. covers). A mix of interviews and comic strips, with illustrations from the residents themselves

£6 for the set of six different issues- 'Space & Robots', 'Fear & Craziness', 'Rock 'n' Roll', 'The Truth About Love', 'Can You Believe It?' and 'Life, the Universe, and Animals'.

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